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Company numbers - Guernsey

Problem statement

  • Company numbers in Guernsey are not unique across the whole list of companies published by Guernsey Registry, see the below example where four companies of different types share the same company number “22”
  • Including the Register type in the company number would make them unique

Rules applied

  • The problem statement falls under scenario #3(ii), requiring a change to how company numbers are stored and shown in OpenCorporates versus the default (of using the number directly).
  • In this instance, we could prefix with the value of the 'Register' field, e.g. 'Guernsey Registered Company', 'Limited Partnerships'. However it's simpler and clearer to use the internal Registry ID that the source uses for these to make the company numbers unique (e.g. “1-22” for Leale Ltd in the above example).
  • Register IDs are as follows:
Register IDName
1Guernsey Registered Company
2Limited Partnerships
6Limited Liability Partnerships


  • Company numbers are transformed as follows: register id + “-” + original company number
    • e.g.: 1-22, 3-3451
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