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Company number migration - Jersey


  • Company numbers migrated 27th August 2015

Rule set

  • Unique identifier from registry URL should be used as company number
  • A prefix of “EXTUID_” should be prefixed to each identifier.


  • Company numbers for Jersey are now based on a URL identifier with a prefix E.g. “EXTUID_4534”
  • Jersey companies have been assigned a native_company_number which is the company number assigned by the register.
  • Old URLs for Jersey will still function for example will now redirect to the updated page.

Description of the problem

Company numbers in Jersey are not unique across types, see the below example where two companies of different types share the same company number.

In the case of dissolved companies company numbers are also not unique within company types, see the below example where several companies of the same type hold the same company number.

The company numbers used by the Jersey register are therefore not suitable to use as unique identifiers, even if company type were used as a prefix, and so a different method for applying a unique identifier has to be decided.


The URLs used by Jersey’s company register (screenshot below) contain a unique ID, in this example “25580”, and are used by their system to uniquely identify their records.

This unique identifier is now to be used as a company number with the prefix “EXTUID_” added to both identify it as an external unique identifier and to ensure existing OpenCorporates URLs for Jersey remain functional.

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